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Seminario del Lenguaje de la Industria del Entretenimiento
(Duración 3 horas)
Que los profesionales de la lengua adquieran esta jerga específica y encuentren las herramientas necesarias para agilizar la traducción.

Increase your Vocabulary-Advanced Language
(Duración 3 horas)
A great deal of expressions, words and collocations that will help you improve your word power.

Colloquial English Workshop (British and American Slang)
(Duración 3 horas)
More than 1000 expressions and words which are not usually taught in a two hour workshop full of activities.

British and American English Workshop
(Duración 3 horas)
Why are there so many differences between British and American English if both England and America have one common language?
If I talk about "Barney Rubble", am I precisely referring to the Flintstones character?. If a girl is addressed as "Biffa", would she be happy?

Vulgar English Workshop
(Duración 3 horas)
Be prepared to go through the world of profanity and the mysterious life of innocent words.

American Slang and Vulgar English Workshop Part 2.
(Duración 3 horas)
(Aimed at those who previously attended both Colloquial and Vulgar English workshops)
In our previous English Slang and Vulgar English workshop we discussed items such as Fish Market, Meat Market, Mickey Mouse, and the mysterious life of innocent words, among others. But we still have a great deal more of lexical items to learn and talk about.

Seminario de Estructuras Comparadas
(Duración 3 horas)
Un estudio comparativo para traductores y profesores
Dirigido a traductores, profesores, estudiantes de traducción y profesorados; y para todas aquellas personas que quieran reforzar sus conocimientos de ambas lenguas.

Idioms Workshop
(Duración 3 horas)
If I told you that you have been pulling your socks up lately, how do you think you have been behaving? What about sponging off? Or perhaps being on a cloud nine?

Methodology Workshop
(Duración 5 horas)
Aimed at teachers, trainee teachers or teachers-to-be.
In this workshop, we will deal with many tips and activities that you may find useful at the moment of going through the wonderful experience of teaching.

Proverbs and Sayings Workshop
(Duración 3 horas)
If I told you "Let sleeping dogs lie", what am I trying to tell you? What about "Once bitten twice shy"? What if I say "Cut your coat according to your cloth"?

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